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Monday, June 07, 2010
Monday, Monday. A little about moi.

My friend T, over at LahTeaDah (if you aren't already reading this blog, you should!) inspired me to write a little post about, well, me! (She also took this photo - thanks for making me look good, T!) After all, this is a blog about my work, my photography, but behind all of that is me... so hey, it's Monday, why not?
Here goes...

I'm NOT a morning person. If you see me early in the morning I'm not grumpy (well, maybe a little)... I'm just not happy to be awake. Luckily my job allows me to work well into the night and skip the early mornings.

I looove coffee. Tea is great too, but coffee and I have a thing. Might have something to do with mornings. (see above)

I love sweet and salty, and I believe that life should be enjoyed. You'll rarely catch me ordering a salad when I'm out for dinner.

I'm a social person, but also happy to curl up at home with a book. My friends make my world a brighter place.

I ask for forgiveness rather than permission... and sometimes I speak before thinking. When I sense conflict, my stomach literally turns until things are right again. I'm also a Pisces... we fishies hate such drama! Speaking of that, I'm definitely a water person... find me an ocean or a lake and just try to drag me out of it!

I'm a total dog nut. I've never missed a series of Survivor. Seriously.

I love to cook but need a recipe to follow. My family and friends fear for my fingers when I'm using a knife.

I'm lucky to have this life, to use my love of photography to document the lives of my clients, to give them the memories they will cherish.

What about you? Won't you share with me a random fact?
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  • At June 07, 2010, Blogger LahTeaDah said…

    I thought I knew you inside out! I had no idea you and survivor were so tight! But you proved the fact true...You learn something new everyday!

    Way to be selfish!! Selfish Monday from now on!!!!

    Great Photo - Your Beautiful!!!

    Yours Truly

  • At June 09, 2010, Blogger AnneMarie Kierstead said…

    I agree with LahTeaDah, Selfish Monday from now on!

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