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Tuesday, October 01, 2013
Secret Garden at Woodbridge Ponds wedding with Carrie & Tony
Carrie takes the cake for most inventive centerpieces in 2013! They hung from the ceiling and incorporated crystals, feathers and tiny terrariums along with the table numbers. Stunning in the greenhouse venue. Tony barely kept his happy tears in check during the ceremony, and they made my job an easy one, with their natural PDA's while we created some photos in Fort Langley. Huge thanks to Larissa Addison, who used her awesome creativity throughout the day (creating the cool ring shots among others you see here) and was my 'fast legs' when I couldn't run around the way I usually do. Larissa was a huge asset to the day in so many ways, I'm so glad she was able to come along on short notice. Two things I always tell my clients - "there are no sick days in wedding photography" and that I'll be there "one foot in the grave". That's the nature of this business. So when I shot this wedding in an air cast and on crutches a week after an injury, both of these things came true. I want to thank everyone who believed in my ability to do an amazing job for this couple despite the circumstance, and my husband Luke, who helped me on the wedding day with driving and carrying my gear. And most importantly, a thank-you to Carrie, who went with the flow when I became a three-person team when she was expecting me solo. It was a truly fantastic day.  photo secret-garden-wedding_zps0e52fdbb.jpg  photo secret-garden-wedding1_zpsb763b99d.jpg  photo secret-garden-wedding2_zpsbc59326a.jpg  photo secret-garden-wedding3_zps032cb3a4.jpg  photo secret-garden-wedding4_zpsd9b3098f.jpg  photo secret-garden-wedding5_zpsfcd2a73e.jpg  photo secret-garden-wedding6_zps35e51c2f.jpg  photo secret-garden-wedding7_zps37b6af33.jpg  photo secret-garden-wedding8_zps59854fbc.jpg  photo secret-garden-wedding9_zps1f50dfda.jpg  photo secret-garden-wedding10_zpsf08b0a43.jpg  photo secret-garden-wedding11_zps8d8dd7c7.jpg  photo secret-garden-wedding12_zps1f22ab45.jpg  photo secret-garden-wedding13_zps8b579557.jpg  photo secret-garden-wedding14_zps42bf0ed1.jpg  photo secret-garden-wedding15_zpsb767cb28.jpg  photo secret-garden-wedding16_zps5eac0aed.jpg  photo secret-garden-wedding17_zps0e48711d.jpg  photo secret-garden-wedding18_zpsdce62f57.jpg  photo secret-garden-wedding19_zpsa60b9d30.jpg  photo secret-garden-wedding20_zps7d7df80e.jpg  photo secret-garden-wedding21_zps444424d6.jpg  photo secret-garden-wedding22_zps3380a1e6.jpg  photo secret-garden-wedding23_zps17cc8cb6.jpg  photo secret-garden-wedding24_zps09bdee3a.jpg  photo secret-garden-wedding25_zps1d775091.jpg  photo secret-garden-wedding26_zpsaa0d9819.jpg  photo secret-garden-wedding27_zps9df5ca75.jpg  photo secret-garden-wedding28_zps214674d1.jpg  photo secret-garden-wedding29_zps6585e3af.jpg  photo secret-garden-wedding30_zps004cd3bf.jpg  photo secret-garden-wedding31_zpsa9a3cc8b.jpg  photo secret-garden-wedding32_zps467e98b8.jpg  photo secret-garden-wedding33_zpsaed9d19d.jpg  photo secret-garden-wedding34_zps82c5baeb.jpg  photo secret-garden-wedding35_zps9bd5bfb0.jpg  photo secret-garden-wedding36_zpsf18f4fd1.jpg  photo secret-garden-wedding37_zps9038722d.jpg  photo secret-garden-wedding38_zpsf6ed7065.jpg Cake: Sweet Thea Hair & Makeup: Jayna Marie Venue: Secret Garden at Woodbridge Ponds

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