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Monday, November 10, 2014
Richmond family photographer - my longest-standing clients!
Kirk and Maureen were one of my earliest BC wedding couples. I have photographed them for their engagement, wedding, first belly, 1st birthday for their daughter Bryn, family photos when son Duke came along, belly/family photos prior to son Rex being born and most recently, newborn photos with 1 week old Rex. These two are deeply rooted in Steveston and every one of our sessions has taken place close to their home or in Richmond. It is the best part of my job, becoming a lifelong photographer to my couples as their families grow. When Maureen contacts me, I send her my pricing and she always says "Jenn, I don't need to see it. I just want YOU." Awwwwwww. Here are the photos from our two most recent sessions! p.s. Maureen is an amazing dentist... Dr. Maureen Piche and her team can be found at Harmony Dental on Moncton Street in Steveston!  photo _DSC3107_zpscb2ede73.jpg  photo piche_fam_zpsa2c04322.jpg  photo pichebelly3copyjkp14117_zps9a270def.jpg  photo pichebelly3copyjkp1498_zps5d65328b.jpg  photo pichebelly3copyjkp14129_zps359cbd98.jpg  photo pichebelly3copyjkp1476_zps34fb7ea7.jpg  photo pichebelly3copyjkp1463_zpscdc97465.jpg  photo pichebelly3copyjkp1410_zps09f0ccf8.jpg  photo pichebelly3copyjkp1456_zps150d389d.jpg  photo pichebelly3copyjkp1433_zpsca73805e.jpg  photo pichebelly3copyjkp1452_zps475a57c3.jpg  photo pichebelly3copyjkp1438_zps36621c90.jpg  photo copyjkp14_piche_rex105_zps60565aec.jpg  photo copyjkp14_piche_rex101_zps5f41b47d.jpg  photo copyjkp14_piche_rex83_zps756cbbd1.jpg  photo copyjkp14_piche_rex69_zpsd59024c0.jpg  photo copyjkp14_piche_rex81_zpsa2b6e16d.jpg  photo copyjkp14_piche_rex73_zps4eaeff56.jpg  photo copyjkp14_piche_rex65_zps9216b0ef.jpg  photo copyjkp14_piche_rex61_zps6578bab1.jpg  photo copyjkp14_piche_rex58_zps9dfff4c9.jpg  photo copyjkp14_piche_rex59_zps6e88e0e3.jpg  photo copyjkp14_piche_rex57_zps6ee9b72a.jpg  photo copyjkp14_piche_rex21_zps39032fbb.jpg  photo copyjkp14_piche_rex44_zps2b8a18be.jpg  photo copyjkp14_piche_rex15_zpse2b9eb92.jpg  photo copyjkp14_piche_rex47_zps6df3c994.jpg

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