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Thursday, May 29, 2014
Vanessa & Trevor, Waterloo wedding photographer
November was a busy month around here, flying to Ontario twice for weddings! Vanessa contacted me as soon as Trevor popped the question, telling me she had always envisioned me as her photographer for the big day. Once again, I was honoured to visit my hometown and shoot with an old, dear friend. The wedding was a reunion of sorts, many of my school friends in the same building all over again, and even a special teacher/coach. We visited St. Jacob's village for the portraits in between ceremony and reception at St. George's Hall. These hockey and ringette lovers brought along some sticks and skates for some unique photos. Vanessa, your words when you saw your photos are the reason I do what I do. (I've pasted them at the bottom of this post) Thank-you for including me in your day, it was a very special day for me to share with you. Also, thank-you to my second photographer for this wedding, Sandra of SMP Photography. It was a blast shooting with you again!!  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography3_zpse54ada8b.jpg  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography1_zpsaffb0739.jpg  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography2_zpsd6a60e43.jpg  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography47_zpsa8193739.jpg  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography6_zpsf56f3776.jpg  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography48_zps0f96b7bd.jpg  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography5_zps3d56cd62.jpg  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography4_zps9179594c.jpg  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography8_zps9a790784.jpg  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography7_zps2675203b.jpg  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography9_zpsf46eb031.jpg  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography12_zpsbb9a0e6f.jpg  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography11_zpsf6fcb2a6.jpg  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography13_zps10222b2c.jpg  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography15_zps1a75579d.jpg  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography14_zps2b5375d0.jpg  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography44_zps7f037696.jpg  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography16_zps4cbef6c2.jpg  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography17_zps13427c9f.jpg  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography21_zps35af91c7.jpg  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography18_zpsdb04d782.jpg  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography19_zps10c11119.jpg  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography22_zps6a1315e5.jpg  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography35_zpse1f289e1.jpg  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography23_zpsde1bdd5c.jpg  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography24_zps9d83888a.jpg  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography26_zps5de6f4fc.jpg  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography36_zps3596ce6c.jpg  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography41_zpsea9a158e.jpg  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography40_zps40dde808.jpg  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography37_zps78335d85.jpg  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography25_zpsee1401b1.jpg  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography38_zpsc2f1c8ff.jpg  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography46_zps07830f25.jpg  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography45_zpsc1844300.jpg  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography39_zpsad2521f5.jpg  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography10_zps1fefe252.jpg  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography28_zps3b3167f0.jpg  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography27_zps2bfef2f0.jpg  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography30_zps0d158dc7.jpg  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography32_zps9aed3a09.jpg  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography29_zps36ec43cc.jpg  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography42_zps79438eb6.jpg  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography43_zpse4d69d0a.jpg  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography34_zpsd49c0cfe.jpg  photo waterloo-stjacobs-wedding-photography31_zps89886f3b.jpg I can't tell you how many people have commented on the pictures they've seen. You really are so talented and I cannot express in words how thrilled we are with the moments you captured for us. The guests you to photos of are our closets friends. Out of a huge wedding it really is amazing that you picked them :) We had a guest there that wasn't supposed to be there because he is going through chemo treatments and is quite ill. Somehow he is captured in a beautiful photo smiling in the slideshow. It brings tears to my eyes thinking that you captured this moment for him, us and his entire family. It's like you have the ability to know the right people to shoot. So thank you. I'm at a loss for words Jenn. The tears won't stop flowing. It's so beautiful. Thank you so much. You were made to do this. I never have a doubt in my mind when I got engaged that you would be the person I would hire. It wasn't even hard to convince Trevor because he said "I trust you." These pictures are better than I could have imagined. The pictures of my nieces melt my heart. I don't think we can ever thank you enough for all of your hard work and time that went in to creating these memories for us. As I look back on the moments I missed I realize how much love was all around us and you captured it all. You see the beauty in life. That is what makes you more special than the rest. You're simply amazing! Vanessa & Trevor
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