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Tuesday, October 12, 2010
Casey & Tony, downtown chic
In Casey & Tony's world (real estate) it's all about Location, Location, Location. Wedding photography often comes down to Timing, Timing, Timing... which certainly came into play this particular day! After driving through some torrential rain to arrive at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, it cleared up in time for the ceremony. And stayed cloudy for the family photos... then the sun made an appearance for the rest of the shoot! The weather wasn't the only timing factor this day. Our shoot consisted of a wander from St. Andrew's-Wesley church along Hornby Street to the Vancouver Art Gallery, then across the street back to the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver for the reception. We spent some time at the building with the gorgeous tile work beside the Sheraton on Burrard. Upon leaving the wedding, that same building was roped off, a Hazmat situation was underway. (Hopefully we don't grow a third eye or something... but the photos are pretty sweet!). When we arrived at the art gallery, there was another wedding party on the steps. They gave us a few minutes to shoot, and we noticed the usual banners that adorn the building had been removed. As we left the area, they were being rolled back into place. How awesome, to shoot at this building without the usual distractions from the architecture!
Thanks to Kerry at Fairy Godmother Weddings for introducing me to Casey & Tony and for her behind-the-scenes magic!

This excited, happy face continued all day long... I've never seen a bride so excited... it was contagious!

Ceremony kiss photos are nice, but my favourite moments often occur just after the kiss ('we're married!!!') and during the signing, when the witnesses are what most people are looking at and the couple is whispering to each other in the background...

I've always loved the reflection of the Hotel Vancouver in the windows of this building, especially fitting as the reception was held on the rooftop...

I couldn't help but notice as I was taking this photo, doesn't Tony's dad Ralph have an amazing smile???

And here I am with this awesome couple, who kept the day full of laughter... who joined us for a mini break after the shoot complete with coffee & room service! Thanks Ami, for this shot!

p.s... You might remember this couple from their engagement shoot. No surprise that Casey's love of dogs was apparent on the wedding day even though Skye and Sako were enjoying a day at camp... Casey managed to cuddle with the Fairmont's hotel dog ambassador, as well as a random puppy on Hornby street! (Imagine the face of the owner as Casey picked up the wriggly, muddy puppy in her wedding gown!)

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