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Friday, September 28, 2012
Harrison Hot Springs wedding with Melissa and Chris
After seeing their slideshow sneak peek, Melissa sent me this email: Jennifer!!! (insert high pitched squeal sound) Thank you so much for the sneak peak! I grabbed Chris and we cuddled up with the iPad and got to relive one of the happiest days of our lives! It took my breath away and brought me back to the 'cloud nine' feeling I had following the wedding. I've watched it a few times and only wish that our song had been longer as I didn't want the sneak peak to end! I had typed up an email to you last night but didn't send it as I couldn't seem to find the right words (a chronic problem of mine)... Without sounding super cheesy I can't say how thankful I am that I met you at the bridal swap, and that you were available on our date!! I knew before we met up at Starbucks, that I wanted you to be our wedding photographer. I looked at your website at least once a day until we met with you. I was nervous about what Chris was going to say after our meeting, but that nervousness wasn't long lived, as before we even got on the highway he looked at me and said that he couldn't imagine anyone else as our photographer! It wasn't just your amazing portfolio, how there was an easy casualness to your photos, how you were able to capture 'the look of love' between a couple, how none of your clients were in lame poses (Chris appreciated that a lot!), how you were able to find beauty in your shots - it was your warmth and friendly personality. When we left our meeting it felt like we had just met up with a friend for coffee. We can't thank you enough (Rick too). Thank you for helping out with the boutonnieres. Thank you for making us feel at ease. Thank you for making the pictures portion of the day feel both effortless and fun!! And thank you for being a part of our special day! We can't wait to see the rest of the photos :) Merci infiniment!!! M&C Big thanks to Rick Meinhardt for shooting this wedding with me!
Dress purchased at Everything But The Groom in Langley Bridal party attire custom made by Peacock Costumiers in the UK Cake by Buttercream Couture

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Sunday, September 16, 2012
Brock House Wedding with Mark & Dyan
Dyan and Mark tied the knot at the Brock House in August... one of the hottest days we saw in Vancouver this summer but they kept their cool and pulled off a perfectly beautiful summer wedding. The guys wore grey suits (a look I'm LOVING this season) and the girls wore a gorgeous buttery yellow, I may have been a little (okay, a LOT) giddy when I arrived at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia to photograph the prep... I've been crushing on yellow bridesmaid dresses for 2 years now. So anyway, Dyan's flowers get a little mixed up at the hotel and go missing for a few minutes but Dyan is cool as a cucumber. I mention that to her, and she shrugs it off. "Nobody is going to die today without flowers... and I can marry Mark without flowers!" You see, Dyan is a nurse, and Mark is a surgeon... so I guess flowers aren't too relevant in the grand scheme of things :) I loved when Mark shouted "Scalpel!!" when looking for a knife to cut the cake with. Dyan, thanks for being one of this year's most laid back brides... we've been on the same page since the day we met and when we changed our first look location you finished my sentence because you already saw the perfect plan B and read my mind :) I loved the emotion that came with this day, Mark's eyes glistening with tears through the ceremony and the sheer joy as you walked down the aisle a newly married couple. Congrats, it was truly a pleasure to spend the day with you both. Thanks to Rick Meinhardt for braving the blazing hot sun with me, even if it meant a new wardrobe for us both :) And finally... ENJOY!
So, I'm trying to get Mark to give his awesome natural smile and he turns away, then turns back REALLY FAST with this amazing Blue Steel face...
Cake by Sweet Thea Florals by Lois Keane

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