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Monday, June 08, 2015
Grouse Mountain engagement photos, Vancouver wedding photographer
Pretty sure that Tiffany and Andrew are getting married any day now, back in Ontario! This is the neatest backstory of how I ended up doing their engagement photos... I worked with Andrew's mom over a decade ago back in Ontario. I remember him coming to visit at work and meeting him as a very young man (ok, kid!) and he hadn't really grown much back then. So his mom asked if I did engagement photos for couples who had a separate wedding photographer (YES, I do!!) and so they contacted me to do theirs up on Grouse Mountain. I could barely believe my eyes seeing Andrew after all these years. He's over 7 FEET TALL. Very few people on this Earth make me feel like a shorty, in fact I rarely look upwards when talking to people! Anyway, it was such a pleasure to spend a beautiful evening on the mountain with them, catching up and creating some gorgeous images. Big thanks to Jasmine Hoffman for making Tiffany look even more gorgeous than she already is! Enjoy!  photo grouse-mountain-engagement-photos1_zps27932848.jpg  photo grouse-mountain-engagement-photos10_zpsda812118.jpg  photo grouse-mountain-engagement-photos11_zps1dc29e73.jpg  photo grouse-mountain-engagement-photos8_zpscdf3f941.jpg  photo grouse-mountain-engagement-photos12_zps9fef37e6.jpg  photo grouse-mountain-engagement-photos9_zpse35d3105.jpg  photo grouse-mountain-engagement-photos13_zpsdd7c852a.jpg  photo grouse-mountain-engagement-photos7_zps1c26abc4.jpg  photo grouse-mountain-engagement-photos6_zpsb64cb459.jpg  photo grouse-mountain-engagement-photos5_zps61f5219b.jpg  photo grouse-mountain-engagement-photos4_zpsc3594437.jpg  photo grouse-mountain-engagement-photos3_zpscf161561.jpg  photo grouse-mountain-engagement-photos2_zps64e332f1.jpg

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Wednesday, June 03, 2015
Fraser Valley Photographer, food and events
Does your business stand out online? I can make it shine! Krause Berry Farms had me on site twice to capture their fruit winery and event capabilities... more to come!  photo krause-berry-farm-langley-photographer18_zps26f8eacf.jpg  photo krause-berry-farm-langley-photographer17_zpsb6a59f13.jpg  photo krause-berry-farm-langley-photographer15_zps17909a3b.jpg  photo krause-berry-farm-langley-photographer16_zps88261b58.jpg  photo krause-berry-farm-langley-photographer19_zps7c1620ad.jpg  photo krause-berry-farm-langley-photographer20_zps45e1229a.jpg  photo krause-berry-farm-langley-photographer21_zps611ff128.jpg  photo krause-berry-farm-langley-photographer22_zps8bd0e465.jpg

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