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Wednesday, June 30, 2010
Derek & Jenn's engagement session
I first met Derek at Mark & Lesley's wedding in 2009, as their emcee. Somehow we came into contact again through a mutual friend and began to see each other regularly at various business networking events. Not very long ago, he and Jenn became engaged and I'm thrilled to be their wedding photographer in September 2011!

Jenn and Derek met at Dublin Crossing... a fantastic Irish Pub in Surrey. It seemed fitting to begin our session there, and when I arrived I found them sitting at the very table they shared on the night they met... awwwww!!

After that we headed off to Stewart Farm near Crescent Beach... we brought wine! And cushy red pillows.

I love red shoes... Jenn's are no exception! Hot!

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010
Ewa & Chris... still a west coast wedding!
Did you know that Ontario has a west coast? It's the long stretch of land along Lake Huron, Ontario's other cottage country... the one with sandy beaches instead of docks, and some of the best sunsets in Canada.

Ewa and Chris live in Abbotsford... and heard through one of my 2009 couples that I'm from Ontario and go back pretty regularly to shoot weddings. Ewa's first email to me said something like "You've probably never heard of where we're getting married" and she named her venue.
I could hardly believe what I was reading. See, I've been spending summers in Bayfield since I was 6 years old. I got married in Bayfield, I consider it my 2nd home. I know the area like the back of my hand. And their venue? It's a whole 7 minutes from my parent's home in Bayfield... I knew it very well... having driven past it about a bazillion times!! So... fast forward to May 29th... and here's Ewa & Chris's wedding day in one of my most favourite places in the world... Bluewater County.

Starting with our lovely bride, Ewa... and groom, Chris...

I sort of love the effect of one of the guest's flashes going off at the same time I captured their kiss...

We wandered around the Organ Factory Bed & Breakfast which was fitting, since it's orange :)

Then we headed off to the beach, of course! No Bluewater wedding is complete without a trip to the beach to get some sand between the toes! (Yours truly included!)

As we came down the stairs this sand message came into view... so glad we got to see it!! And we found a little piece of BC too... no, I didn't stack those rocks... I have no such patience!

Outside for a spectacular sunset... love that glowy magic hour sunlight!

Our light show drew some spectators...

Ewa & Chris... thanks for giving me the opportunity to photograph your wedding in a place so dear to my heart. I loved spending the day with you and your warm circle of family & friends!

xo - J

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Thursday, June 17, 2010
My happy place...
Bayfield, Ontario. Have you heard of it? Artsy little marina town on Lake Huron, sandwiched between the town of Goderich (Canada's prettiest town!) and Grand Bend... the party beach of southwestern Ontario. World-class sunsets, blue water and a beach that'll make you forget you're in Canada.

I spent 20 or so summers at my family's cottage there... and now my parents live in their new home on the lake year-round. Pretty great place to head back for a visit!

Untitled from Jennifer Kirk on Vimeo.

Watching the sunset... "what's that red thing", you ask? Why it's a slide to the beach from the top of the bluff! Genius! If only it was there when I was a kid...

86 steps to the beach...

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Wednesday, June 09, 2010
Ewa & Chris - sneak peek!
Wow, wow, wow! Wait til you hear the whole story about how Ewa & Chris got married at the in the area of Ontario I consider to be my 2nd home, how I got to head east to shoot their day for them at the pretty Hessenland Country Inn, and how awesome it was! Here's a sneak peek of the gorgeous Ewa and our shoot at the super cool location I found. Stay tuned for the rest!

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Monday, June 07, 2010
Monday, Monday. A little about moi.

My friend T, over at LahTeaDah (if you aren't already reading this blog, you should!) inspired me to write a little post about, well, me! (She also took this photo - thanks for making me look good, T!) After all, this is a blog about my work, my photography, but behind all of that is me... so hey, it's Monday, why not?
Here goes...

I'm NOT a morning person. If you see me early in the morning I'm not grumpy (well, maybe a little)... I'm just not happy to be awake. Luckily my job allows me to work well into the night and skip the early mornings.

I looove coffee. Tea is great too, but coffee and I have a thing. Might have something to do with mornings. (see above)

I love sweet and salty, and I believe that life should be enjoyed. You'll rarely catch me ordering a salad when I'm out for dinner.

I'm a social person, but also happy to curl up at home with a book. My friends make my world a brighter place.

I ask for forgiveness rather than permission... and sometimes I speak before thinking. When I sense conflict, my stomach literally turns until things are right again. I'm also a Pisces... we fishies hate such drama! Speaking of that, I'm definitely a water person... find me an ocean or a lake and just try to drag me out of it!

I'm a total dog nut. I've never missed a series of Survivor. Seriously.

I love to cook but need a recipe to follow. My family and friends fear for my fingers when I'm using a knife.

I'm lucky to have this life, to use my love of photography to document the lives of my clients, to give them the memories they will cherish.

What about you? Won't you share with me a random fact?
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Wednesday, June 02, 2010
Jenn & Brian in Pitt Meadows
I'll admit, the weather is a pretty big factor in how I remember the weddings I shoot. Jenn & Brian's day is no exception. It began cold, windy and rainy and quickly turned to sunshine, blue skies and fluffy white clouds (wheeeee!). The ceremony went ahead outdoors as planned, and the girls got sunburned during our shoot... what a difference a couple of hours can make!

Can you believe this entire cake display was made by Jenn, Brian and their wedding party? The stand, the cake (marshmallow fondant hand made by Jenn herself!) and the cupcakes, a labour of love from Vancouver to Toronto.

Jenn's own mother gave me a run for my money... :)

I've had a strangely large number of gorgeous red-haired beauties as brides, Jenn joins the list!

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