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Monday, December 10, 2012
2012's second shooters, rocking weddings all over the Lower Mainland!
This post is dedicated to my second shooters for the 2012 wedding season, Vivian, Rick and Sarah. They're mind-readers when I need them to be, a helping hand when needed, and they all deal with my need to be early for EVERYTHING with a smile. They add to the overall wedding day experience for my couples and, most importantly, take absolutely gorgeous photos along the way! I can't thank them enough for their contributions to an amazing season but hopefully this helps :)
Vivian might be little, but she's mighty. I have this ridiculous bag of stuff to carry around and on our crazy Vancouver weather days the bag gets heavy. Rain umbrellas, there's enough for a whole wedding party. Sun umbrellas? Yup! Instant shade! Toss in a few other random shooting essentials, some snacks, and usually a water bottle for everyone, and this sucker gets HEAVY.
Rick joined me for a handful of weddings this year and was lucky enough to get some of the rainiest days and also, the hottest ones, back-to-back in August. Even though he's a true driving enthusiast, he (perhaps reluctantly) let me take the wheel for wedding days and was a total rockstar in keeping me calm & cool through Vancouver traffic. When I had a bride showing some signs of stress during a particularly frenzied family formal session, Rick figured out her drink of choice and went to the bar to fetch one. It was exactly what she needed and smiles returned all around!
This is Sarah. Sometimes we even show up at weddings dressed nearly like twins! When her camera isn't stuck to her face, she can be found in the center of everything, patiently helping out, always smiling. She has a calming, gentle voice and an awesome silly side that comes out when there's little ones around. This year, she danced behind me wearing a red clown nose to keep the attention of a ring bearer. Seriously awesome!
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